* The program including speakers may change without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

DAY 1 April 9 (Wed)


Door Open

10:30-10:4010 min

Opening Remark

10:40-11:0020 min

Guest Speech

11:00-12:0060 min

Keynote Speech: Larry Ellison

How can Mr. Larry Ellison succeed?

  • Larry Ellison (Chief Executive Officer, Oracle Corporation)
  • Interviewer: Hiroshi Mikitani (Chairman & CEO,Rakuten, Inc.)
12:00-13:0060 min

Lunch Break

13:00-14:0060 min


Innovations in Cloud and Social network

How startups are rapidly building global business.

  • Drew Houston (Founder / CEO, Dropbox)
  • Ben Silbermann (Co-Founder and CEO, Pinterest)
  • Jeremy Stoppelman(Co-founder and CEO, Yelp)
  • Moderator: TBD
14:00-15:0060 min


Innovations - A Connected World

How wearable tech and the Internet of Things will change the world.

  • Gilles Bouchard (Chairman and CEO, Livescribe)
  • Carey Kolaja (Vice President of Global Product Solutions, PayPal)
  • James Park (CEO and Co-Founder, Fitbit Inc.)
  • Moderator: Gen Isayama (Co-founder and CEO, WiL)
15:00-15:3030 min


15:30-16:3060 min


Innovating Education

How IT is revolutionizing education.

  • Youngme Moon (Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean, Chair of the MBA Program, Harvard Business School)
  • Jun Murai (Dean / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)
  • Dennis Yang (President and Chief Operating Office, Udemy, Inc.)
  • Moderator: Swimmy Minami(CEO, BizReach, Inc.)
16:30-17:3060 min


DAY1 Plenary Session

  • Atsuki Ishida (President and CEO, FreeBit Co., Ltd.)
  • Yasufumi Kanemaru (CEO, Future Architect, Inc.)
  • Hiroshi Mikitani (Chairman & CEO, Rakuten, Inc.)
  • Moderator: Takashi Mitachi (Co-Chairman, Japan, Boston Consulting Group Tokyo, Japan)
17:30-18:0030 min



Networking Party

DAY 2 April 10 (Thu)


Door Open

09:00-09:055 min

Opening Remark

09:05-10:0055 min


Accelerating the innovation

What is the innovation in for companies? Obstacles and Opportunities facing entrepreneurs, Investor and business man.

  • Akira Morikawa (CEO, LINE Corporation)
  • Jerry Yang (Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures)
  • Matt Wilsey (Angel investor and advisor)
  • Moderator: Takeshi Natsuno (Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
10:00-10:3030 min


Disruptive Innovation for the airline business

How LCC (Low Cost Carrier) revolutionizing airline business.

  • Tony Fernandes (Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia)
  • Interviewer: Kaori Enjoji (Tokyo Bureau Chief, CNBC)
10:30-11:3060 min


Disruptive Innovation in Asia

What trends are emerging in Asia.

11:30-11:5020 min


11:50-12:3060 min


Disruptive Innovation in Middle East & Europe

Why global tech giants want the technology in Middle East and Europe? Startups trends in Middle East and Europe.

  • David Heller (Managing Partner, Vertex Venture Capital)
  • Talmon Marco (Founder and CEO, Viber)
  • Peter Vesterbacka (CMO, Rovio Entertainment Ltd.)
  • Chris Wade (Advisor on Venture Capital to UK Trade & Investment)
  • Moderator: TBD
12:30-14:0090 min

Lunch Break

14:00-15:0060 min


Disruptive Innovation for the energy sector

Upcoming innovation and business opportunities in the energy sector.

15:00-16:0060 min


Innovating Entertainment: Global Digital Content

Global case studies of music, movie, book, radio...

16:00-16:3030 min


16:30-17:3060 min


Investing in Innovation: VC and Entrepreneurship

How venture capitalists empower startups.

  • Katsujin David Chao (Co-Founder and General Partner, DCM)
  • George Kellerman (Managing Partner & Fire Chief, 500 Startups)
  • David Lee (Founder and Managing Partner, SV Angel)
  • Moderator: Daisuke Iwase (President & COO, LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY)
17:30-18:3060 min


Japanese in Silicon Valley

Why are Japanese heading to Silicon Valley? What you need to know before you go.

18:30-19:3060 min


DAY2 Closing Plenary Session